Discovery Days Vendors

Welcome to our after-school program which we call Discovery Days!  Below is snapshot information about the offerings from our trusted vendors available along with registration materials.  If you wish to have your child participate in a class with one of these vendors, please contact the vendor before school begins!  Remember, your child must attend school on the day the vendor’s class is offered and a monthly calendar must be completed in order to participate!  Once you've registered, you can find all the Discovery Days monthly calendars on the Parents' Corner page. Remember, if your child participates in a class with a vendor, he/she can still stay and play at Discovery Days until 2:30pm!


Ages 3, 4, & K-5
Ballet: Fall Ballet Flyer
Heather Kemp

Ages 4 & K-5
Golf: Fall Golf Flyer
George Sigeti


Ages 3, 4 & K-5
Rookies Sports Academy:

Fall Rookies Flyer
Matt Michaelides



Ages 3 & 4
Yoga: Fall Yoga Flyer
Emma Keith