General Information


  • Registration is held in January for the following September and continues on a rolling basis until all classes are filled.

  • Please see the Registration Information page for in-depth information about the Registration process.


  • The academic year runs from September through May.

  • The preschool generally follows Fulton County’s school calendar for holidays and closings.

  • Preschool hours are: Monday—Friday, 9:00am-12:30pm.

  • Kindergarten hours are: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8:45am-12:30pm; Tuesday & Thursday, 8:45am-2:30pm.

  • Early Bird Drop-Off at 8:30am available for an extra fee.

  • After School Programs 12:30—2:30pm available to students enrolled in a 3 year old or older class for an extra fee. (See the Parents’ Corner for more information about after-school programs.)


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NAEYC publishes the following guidelines for the number of teachers required per the number of students in the age-level class:

For SSUMC Preschool & Kindergarten:

Toddlers 2 Teachers: Maximum Class Size of 8 for a Ratio of 1:4

2’s 2 Teachers: Maximum Class Size of 10 for a Ratio of 1:5

3’s 2 Teachers: Maximum Class Size of 14 for a Ratio of 1:7

4’s 2 Teachers: Maximum Class Size of 16 for a Ratio of 1:8

K5 2 Teachers: Maximum Class Size of 18 for a Ratio of 1:9

No class has less than 2 teachers but may have a third teacher if circumstances warrant.


In our program, you will see frequent, positive, warm interactions among adults and children; planned learning activities appropriate to children’s age and development; a wide variety of age-appropriate materials; specially trained teachers; regular communications with parents who are welcome visitors; effective administration and ongoing systematic evaluation.

  • In our classrooms, you will see an array of centers, e.g. Life Skills, Reading and Pre-Reading, Writing, Listening, Art, Manipulatives and Small Group. We have unstructured playground time every day! Each week, children participate in Music and our Outdoor Classroom. In 2015-2016, we introduced an age-appropriate STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) each week as well!

  • Chapel is held every Monday at 9:30am for students enrolled in 3’s, 4’s, and K-5 classes. Toddlers and 2’s enjoy Bible Time in the Chapel.

  • Children bring their lunch and eat together in fellowship each day.

Parent/Teacher CONFERENCES

  • Parent/Teachers Conferences are held twice yearly in the Fall and in the Spring. School is closed on Conference days.


  • Annual Tuition is payable in equal monthly installments which are due by the 1st of each month September – April.

  • A Tuition Deposit of one month’s tuition is required; it is non-refundable and non-transferable. The Tuition Deposit will be credited in May of the academic year for May’s tuition payment.


  • Two weeks of Summer Camp is offered to preschoolers, Kindergarteners and rising First Graders in June!! Camp registration is open as long as space is available.

  • Please see the Summer Camp page for more information about Summer Camp registration!