Outdoor Classroom

Our dream of an outdoor learning area has finally come to fruition!  Children who attend our school will actually dig in the dirt, plant, water, play, enjoy nature, and experience God's creation   Parents raised funds for this project for 2 years.  Many portions of the learning area were installed and the Dedication takes place, September 15, 2018!! Below are some pictures of the implementation progress, a rendering of the plan, and some videos that were part of inspiration for this area-- stay tuned!


Our Progress

Hard at Work 1.jpg

Preparing the area...

Trail 1.jpg

The Trail is in!!


Staff at Play!

Dedication 29.jpg

At the Dedication, we’re playing in the Teepee!

Special Delivery!


Deciding the layout of the installations…

Sneak Peek 11.jpg

Kids get a Sneak Peek!

It’s Physics!! Motion, Gravity, Acceleration, oh my!!

Our Plan

Sources of Inspiration