SSUMC Preschool & Kindergarten!! 

Summer Camp 2019

Nature Nuts.png

June 3-7 Nature Nuts!

Explore the Outdoor Classroom!! Play in the garden! Make terrariums! Play in the mud kitchen! See all the goodness nature brings!


June 10-14 Space is the Place!

What’s Up in the Galaxy? Should we go by spaceship or rocket? How much do we weigh in space? Join us and find out!

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Take a look at Summer Camp 2019!


Nature Nuts!:  JUNE 3RD – 7TH

We explored the great outdoors and all the things our Outdoor Classroom has to offer including our mud kitchen, water table, and building pipes!  On their own, the children created a water pipe system and whenever they found a problem, e.g. clog, ill fitting couplings, etc., we solved it ourselves! We had the water running all the way down the hill!! We had a ball!

Space is the Place!:  JUNE 10TH – 14TH

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing!  We’ve explored the moon, the solar system (and beyond!), talked about the planets and stars, and set off rockets! It’s been a blast at our out-of-this-world camp!