+ Preschool Vision

Our Vision for the children of our community, as they grow with us and beyond us, is to form a lifelong positive relationship with God; to respect, accept and embrace all others in a manner consistent with the teaching of Christ; to have a deep-rooted love of learning; and to experience continuing academic success.

+ Preschool Mission

Our Mission is

  • to provide a loving, stimulating and safe environment for children;
  • to provide a Christian program of academic excellence;
  • to accept each child for who he/she is;
  • to positively motivate each child to move along a continuum of skills acquisition;
  • to prepare him/her in equal measure spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically for elementary school, church and life among others in a constantly changing world.

+ Preschool Values

  • We believe play is the language of children and the foundation of quality preschools.

  • We believe in fostering independent thinking and problem solving skills in our children, in ourselves and in partnership with parents.

  • We will foster healthy peer relationships among the children in the classroom, between the staff and parents, and among the staff of the preschool.

  • We believe each child, parent, teacher and staff member is to be accepted as a person of worth and value.

  • We will treat one another with dignity, compassion, grace, integrity, honesty and humanity.

  • We will celebrate our similarities and embrace our differences.

  • We will favor decisions based on God’s guidance that create long term improvements for parents and children over short term expediency for the preschool or the individual and organization we serve.

  • We will focus on our strengths and build upon them.